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Time Management

Optimize Productivity with Advanced Time Tracking and Scheduling Tools

Employee Scheduling

Check-in/Check-out System

Task Time Tracking

Efficient Employee Scheduling

With Fogito's Time Management module, creating and managing employee schedules becomes a breeze. Ensure optimal staff allocation, reduce conflicts, and enhance productivity by having a clear view of who's working when.

Employee Scheduling

Generate work schedules and ensure optimal staff allocation.

Notification System

Set custom alerts for check-ins, breaks, and more.

Task Time Tracking

Record time spent on specific tasks or projects.

Live Tracking

Monitor employee location in real-time during work hours.

Reports & Analytics

Gain insights into work hours, productivity, and attendance patterns.


Employees can mark their attendance with location tracking.

Accurate Time Tracking for Tasks

Whether it's a short task or a long-term project, track the time spent with precision. This not only aids in productivity analysis but also ensures accurate billing for tasks that are charged by the hour.

Real-time Monitoring for Enhanced Accountability

Live tracking ensures you know where your team is during work hours, especially beneficial for on-field jobs. This feature enhances accountability, ensures safety, and aids in efficient task allocation based on employee location.



Task Timing

Live Monitoring



Location Tracking

Productivity Analysis

Custom Alerts

Time Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

Absolutely! The module is designed to cater to both on-site and remote workers, ensuring accurate time tracking regardless of the work location.

The live tracking is active only during work hours or when an employee checks in for a task. Outside of these hours, no location data is accessed, ensuring employee privacy.

Yes, the module allows you to generate detailed reports that can be used for payroll processing, ensuring employees are compensated accurately for their work hours.

Yes, while the system encourages real-time check-ins, there's an option for manual time entry to accommodate any oversights.

Employees can mark their breaks, and these periods are excluded from the total work hours. The system is designed to provide a true reflection of actual working hours.

Yes, the notification system is customizable, allowing you to set alerts for specific events, including late check-ins or prolonged breaks.

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