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GPS Tracking

Efficiently Monitor and Manage Your Company's Fleet in Real-time

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Driving Records

Maintenance Alerts

Enhanced Fleet Oversight

With Fogito's GPS Tracking module, gain a bird's-eye view of your entire fleet. Whether you're managing a few vehicles or a large fleet, our system provides real-time insights, ensuring efficient operations and enhanced safety.

Maintenance Alerts

Get notified about upcoming vehicle maintenance needs.

Driving Records

Access detailed driving logs for tax and reporting purposes.


Set boundaries and get alerts when vehicles enter or exit defined zones.

Safety Alerts

Receive instant notifications for over-speeding or erratic driving behaviors.

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Track fuel usage and identify cost-saving opportunities.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Monitor the location and status of your fleet in real-time.

Accurate Driving Records for Compliance

Maintain detailed logs of each trip, ensuring you have the necessary data for tax reporting and compliance. This feature not only aids in regulatory adherence but also provides insights into driving patterns.

Proactive Maintenance with Timely Alerts

Never miss a maintenance schedule again. Set reminders for regular vehicle check-ups, oil changes, and other maintenance activities. This proactive approach ensures the longevity of your fleet and reduces unexpected downtimes.

Real-time Monitoring

Driving Logs

Maintenance Reminders

Fuel Tracking


Safety Alerts

Route History


Efficiency Analysis

Vehicle Health

Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

While the system tracks vehicle movement, it respects the privacy of drivers. Tracking is limited to work hours, and no personal data is accessed or stored.

Yes, the module allows you to customize geo-fences for each vehicle, ensuring specific vehicles operate within their designated zones.

The system stores route histories, allowing you to access and analyze past trips, which can be beneficial for audits or operational reviews.

Yes, the fuel consumption monitoring feature can alert you to sudden drops in fuel levels, indicating potential theft or pilferage.

Absolutely! Fogito's GPS Tracking module offers integration capabilities with popular fleet management tools. Please contact our support team for specific queries.

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