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Gain better insight into the company with Fogito

Fogito is a suite of tools that work together to assist with business operations.

We have rethought the ERP concept

Let's start with the basic features

Customer management

Get a full overview and keep track of your customers, their information and relationships, all in one place.

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All users can create private, shared, project or customer related notes, which can be organised with folders.

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All users can create private, shared, project or customer related files that can be organized into folders.

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Directory of suppliers and other contacts that everyone in the company can access.

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Employee management

Full overview of your employees

With Fogito, you are always aware of where your employees are, what they are doing and what is planned.


Create shift schedules for your employees and assign tasks and projects to them with ease.

Check in / Check out

Let your employees check in when they arrive and get an overview of their GPS locations.

GPS tracking / driving record

Automate the driving record while monitoring the vehicle's health by connecting our tracker to it.


Communicate with employees and customers safe and secure with encrypted chat.

Task management

Task management on steroids

Plan and manage tasks in the company like never before. Fogito gathers all your tasks, employees and all tools together, so you can streamline the workflow in the company.

Create simple or advanced task

Time recording on tasks

Define rights

Generate tasks automatically by interval

Tasks with value can be converted to an invoice


Powerful dashboard

Dashboard gives you a quick overview of your business with the necessary statistics and information you need on a daily basis.

Overview of who is working

Tasks scheduled for today

Ongoing projects

Live tracking of your vehicles

Status of your offers

Simple project management

Plan and track your projects down to the smallest detail visually with our flexible tools. Simplify your processes and improve collaboration between the team by dividing your project into small tasks. Create custom phases for each project to simplify your workflow and increase overall project efficiency.​

Track progress in
real time

Get a detailed

Track profitability in real time

Overview of working hours

Overview of

Create kanban milestones


Keep track of the accounting

With Fogito it is very easy to create and send invoices, offers and book expenses. Manage finances in several currencies and get a comprehensive overview of your entire company.

Create your own fine procedures

MobilePay integration

Card payment

Post expenses directly from the app

Automate invoicing

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