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Task manager

Efficiently Organize, Assign, and Monitor Tasks to Enhance Team Productivity and Streamline Workflow

Advanced Task Creation

Custom Notifications

Labeling and Filtering

Seamless Integration

Our Task Management module seamlessly integrates with other Fogito modules, including Project Management, Calendar, and Employee Management. Plus, with compatibility across our iOS and Android apps, you can manage tasks and stay connected on the go, ensuring a unified experience across all platforms.

Advanced Task Creation

From simple tasks with titles and descriptions to detailed assignments linked to employees and customers.

Interactive Commenting

Collaborate on tasks, add attachments, and have discussions directly within the task environment.

Custom Notifications

Personalize your alerts and stay updated on task changes, new comments, and more.

Labeling and Filtering

Organize tasks with custom labels and colors. Use advanced filters to view tasks based on various criteria.

Location-based Tasks

Add addresses to tasks and easily navigate using the app.

Invoicing Integration

Assign monetary values to tasks, generate invoices, and manage recurring billing.

Comprehensive Task Management

The Task Management module in Fogito is designed to simplify and enhance your task-related processes. Whether you're assigning a quick task to a team member or managing a complex project with multiple tasks, our module offers a comprehensive solution. Features like advanced task creation and interactive commenting ensure that your team stays on track and collaborates efficiently.

Efficient Billing and Invoicing

With the integrated invoicing feature, billing becomes a breeze. Assign monetary values to tasks, generate invoices, and manage recurring billing. The module also supports integration with payment gateways for online transactions, streamlining the billing process and making it easier for your business to get paid.











Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

Yes, tasks can be assigned to one or multiple employees as needed.

You can set standard notification rules in the settings or customize them for individual tasks.

Absolutely! Tasks can be accessed and managed on both our iOS and Android apps, ensuring you can work from anywhere.

While Fogito offers a comprehensive suite of tools, we also support integrations with select third-party apps. Please contact our support for specific integration queries.

We prioritize security. All comments and attachments are encrypted and stored securely, ensuring data protection.

Yes, our recurring task feature is flexible and allows you to specify which days tasks should be generated.

Fogito's invoicing feature supports multiple currencies, allowing you to bill customers in their preferred currency.

No, you can create as many custom labels as you need to effectively categorize and manage your tasks.

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