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Organize, Schedule, and Streamline Your Business Operations with a Unified Calendar View

Unified Scheduling

Event Creation

Task Integration

All-in-One Scheduling Solution

With Fogito's Calendar module, you have a comprehensive view of all your business operations. From meetings to task deadlines, ensure you never miss an important date.

Unified Scheduling

Centralized view of all events, tasks, and appointments.

Custom Filters

View schedules by employee, project, task, label, and more.

Event Creation

Easily schedule meetings, set reminders, and allocate resources.

Task Integration

View and manage task deadlines directly from the calendar.


Receive timely alerts for upcoming events and deadlines.

Collaboration Tools

Share calendars, set up group events, and coordinate with team members.

Efficient Task and Event Management

Integrate tasks directly into the calendar, allowing for seamless management of deadlines and project timelines. With easy event creation, scheduling meetings, and setting reminders becomes a breeze.

Collaborative Calendar Sharing

Share your calendar with team members, ensuring everyone is aligned and aware of important dates. Set up group events, coordinate schedules, and enhance team collaboration.

Unified View

Event Scheduling

Task Deadlines






Resource Allocation

Mobile Access

Frequently Asked Questions.

Support Team

Absolutely! The Calendar module integrates seamlessly with other Fogito modules, allowing for a holistic view of tasks, events, and more.

The module supports the creation of recurring events or tasks, allowing you to set patterns like daily, weekly, or monthly recurrences.

The system provides alerts for overlapping events, ensuring you avoid scheduling conflicts and double bookings.

Definitely! You can define permissions for shared calendars, ensuring team members can view or edit events based on their roles.

Ready to Transform Your Business Operations?

Experience the power and flexibility of Fogito. Streamline your tasks, enhance collaboration, and drive efficiency across all modules.

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